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Movalytics is a framework solution for movie industry and can help understand potential revenue generation opportunities along with the best plot process that works with the film. A movie data set is analysed on different factors such as genre, actors, directors, budget and collections. A strategic plan based on the analysis is prescribed which would have a greater impact on the audience and thus on the box office collections. This is a technology agnostic solution. Sample solutions for demo purposes are available on Qlik, MySQL, R/Python.

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Movalytics - Media Business Solution

Business Challenge

  • Recommend a selection mechanism for genre, producer, actors, launch date that depicts the impact it has on the movie collections

Data Collection

  • Data needed to solve this challenge is captured from Movie Database, Internet (websites and social media) and excel files

Web Scraping

  • The additional data needed such as YouTube Comments, Social Media Feeds and the relevant data present on different websites was extracted using technique Called Web Scraping using R/Python

Solution Offered

  • A Strategic Plan is Prescribed to select a combination of actors, director, producer for a movie which will have a greater impact on the Box Office Collections, based on the insights uncovered in the Business Analytics
  • A complete plan of action is presented.

Predictive Analytics

  • Different Predictions are made for different combinations of actor, director and producer based on the data collected using machine learning algorithms such as Regression using R/Python
  • Other predictive algorithms such as Clustering, KNN, SVM can also be deployed to gain different degrees of accuracy


  • Performed In-depth analysis on the extracted data to uncover meaningful Insights and Patterns in the data
  • What – If analysis is performed to understand which Actor, Director, Producer Combination can bring out the Best

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Predective analysis
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