Movalytics is a framework solution for movie industry and can help understand potential revenue generation opportunities along with the best plot process that works with the film. A movie data set is analysed on different factors such as genre, actors, directors, budget and collections. A strategic plan based on the analysis is prescribed which would have a greater impact on the audience and thus on the box office collections. This is a technology agnostic solution. Sample solutions for demo purposes are available on Qlik, MySQL, R/Python.

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Tree Bank

First Anniversary Jan'2020

Business Anniversary

Company anniversary day is a big day. It's a day to celebrate success and achievements. Its also a day for appreciating our colleagues, staffs, associates, bosses, CEO and even our customers for all the support and efforts they put into the company. We started with a few but now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. Congratulations to all for their efforts and accomplishments!

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DEC' 2019 Yearly Annual Event

Annual Event

Prayaam Annual Review Event is held every year which can also be referred as the innovation event of the organization which emphasis the overall workflow of the organization and the team. The event mainly focuses on the achievements of the organization as well as the individual and organization objective. Also it draws attention towards the upcoming innovative challenges and responsibilities. The event mainly include annual team presentations and individual employee presentations also there is an active participation on the near coming oppurtunities and goals.

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Annual Meeting

2018 CoWorking Expo

World office expo

CoWorkingNext team of Prayaam attended World office expo held in Mumbai at Nehru Centre on 28 and 29th Sep 2018. This is the country’s only business exhibition specialized in office spaces ,Coworking spaces , office designs , interiors & architecture. After successful launch in 2017 the show promises fast market penetration into the country’s lucrative office spaces market, and the opportunity to generate new business leads with companies of all sizes. World office expo 2018 is thus a peerless platform, and participation is essential for everyone aiming at seizing a share of India’s office spaces arena of opportunities.

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What's New

Prayaam is currently working on research and development of additional product and service offering. It includes coworkingNext+ which are next generational offerings of Coworking suite of products. Our other products include Zwapp which is an article exchange platform. Our interior design services along with CoWorkingNext platform are being offered via partners in selected cities in India. This along with "Gibiyi" offers ways to design more creative office spaces. Refer to our NextGen sections for some of the upcoming offerings."

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